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Over 6-modules, award-winning business coach, Melitta Campbell will show you exactly how to...
Create Your Dream Future
Your dream business need not be a dream! This module will get you out of the trap of confusing or conflicting goals. Instead, you'll get aligned with your passion, create clear, motivating goals for all aspects of your life, and you'll get the excitement for your business and the impact you are creating back, so you can move forward faster. 

Reveal Your Value
Uncover the secret to running a business with authenticity, integrity and confidence, as you get 100% clear on who you are, where your zone of genius lies and finally believe in the true value that you offer. This is the first step in truly differentiating yourself from the competition. 

Know Your Dream Clients
When communicating your true value, it’s vital to keep your Dream Clients in mind. Where does your value intersect with their aspirations? Know this, and you’ll know how your business can make the biggest difference. 
  • No more time wasted on marketing that get ignored. 
  • No more failed product launches. 
  • No more wondering what to say or how to say it. 

Instead, you’ll create value and meaning through your marketing, deliver exceptional results for your clients, and stop giving discounts. 

Create Your Signature Offer
Package your value into a compelling signature service offering that not only gives your dream clients exceptional results, but also delivers an experience that they can’t help but talk about - bringing you a growing pipeline of right-fit and ready-to-buy clients. 

Craft Your Magnetic Message 
Create a powerful, yet straight-forward structure to communicate your value in any situation. 

This one message will be the foundation of all your communication, from your online presence, to live networking, to speaking events and more, so you are never left wondering exactly what to say. 

Your Winning Online Presence
Even if you don't have an online business, you need to have a great online presence. 

Create a compelling presence and 360 system so you can continually attract your dream clients, without having to launch a new website, hire a team of copy of tech experts or spend all your time on social media. 

PLUS Master Your Mindset
At every stage of the programme, I'll guide you in breaking through your limits, turning negative thinking into empowering habits and moving forward with complete clarity and confidence.

It's the most complete way to gain the business knowledge and tools you need to thrive in your business. 

You'll learn exactly what works and lay the foundation for lasting success. 

That means earning a good income, having an impact you feel proud of for clients you care about, and loving your lifestyle. 

To feel confident in your choice of course, I'd love for you to try the Dream Clients Accelerator for the next 7-days, so you can determine if the programme is the perfect-fit for you. 

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"Joining Melitta’s Dream Clients Blueprint programme is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. The programme offers a very clear step-by-step process to set up a successful business, and the group setting creates a nurturing environment where we also learn from each other. Thanks to the programme I have a lot of clarity about my business and messaging. It was the helping hand I needed to get me through the waves of switching from employee and freelancer to creating a business."

Bel Levratti

"Dream Clients Blueprint is exactly what every entrepreneur needs to map out their steps to success. Despite it being a group programme, Melitta coached me based on my individual needs and guided my business in the right direction. The programme set the foundations of a thriving business and now I have more time to enjoy time with my family."

Zornitsa Ivanova

"Finally I know what I need to get dream clients and live my dream life. The programme requires hard work, but you won’t regret this live and game-changing investment."

Maria Macedo Areias

"Dream Clients Blueprint got me out of the freelancing hamster wheel where I exchanged my time for money. I looked at my strengths and passions differently and used them to adjust my process and offering so that it aligns better with my lifestyle and helps me serve my clients better. The programme also gave me the confidence to launch an online programme and diversify my revenue streams."

Pauliina Rasi